Results of an Investigation, Respecting Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases: Including Researches in the Levant, Concerning the Plague, Volumen1

T. & G. Underwood, 1817 - 492 páginas
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Página 173 - ... music is incessantly repeated in the palaces of Rome. In those palaces sound is preferred to sense ; and the care of the body to that of the mind. It is allowed as a salutary maxim that the light and frivolous suspicion of a contagious malady is of sufficient weight to excuse the visits of the most intimate friends ; and even the servants who are...
Página 21 - Medical, Geographical, and Agricultural Report of a Committee appointed by the Madras Government to inquire into the Causes of the Epidemic Fever, which prevailed in the Provinces of Coimbatore, Madura, Dindigul, and Tinnivelly, during the years 1809, 1810, and 1811, of which Dr.
Página 377 - Cherson, a letter arrived, stating that the lady was better, and begging that he would come without loss of time. When he examined the date, he perceived that the letter, by some unaccountable delay, had been eight days in getting to his hands. Upon this, he resolved to go with all possible expedition. The weather was. extremely tempestuous and very cold, it being late in the year, and the rain fell in torrents. In his impatience to set out, a conveyance not being immediately ready, he mounted an...
Página 455 - War as others, coming from or having touched at any Place from whence His Majesty, His Heirs or Successors, by and with the Advice of His or Their Privy Council, shall have adjudged and declared it probable that the Plague or other infectious Disease or Distemper highly dangerous to the Health of His Majesty's Subjects may be brought, and all Vessels and Boats receiving any Person...
Página 357 - Nor should I wander doubtful of my way, Had I the lights of that sagacious mind Which taught to check the pestilential fire, And quell the deadly Python of the Nile. O thou...
Página 307 - ... being imported. Public report had derived it from several different islands ; had chased it from ship to ship, and from shore to shore ; and finally conveyed it at different times into the city, alternately by dead and living bodies...
Página 179 - As wicked dew as e'er my mother brushed With raven's feather from unwholesome fen Drop on you both!
Página 377 - MordvinoFs family to carry water, and thus proceeded to visit his patient. Upon his arrival, he found the lady dying; this, added to the fatigue of the journey, affected him so much, that it brought on a fever; his clothes, at the same time, had been wet through; but he attributed his fever entirely to another cause. Having administered something to his patient to excite perspiration, as soon as the symptoms of it appeared, he put his...
Página 378 - Howard replied, that his end was approaching very fast ; that he had several things to say to his friend, and thanked him for having called.
Página 358 - Ye who amid this feverish world would wear A body free of pain, of cares a mind ; Fly the rank city, shun its turbid air ; Breathe not the chaos of eternal smoke And volatile corruption, from the dead, The dying...

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